"The safeguard sprinkler curtains are 1/100 the cost to the taxpayers when compared to the traditional firefighting methods," Kelly says.

Aircraft are the second largest expense next to wages when battling a wildfire. Helicopter bucketing and water bombers cost more than $1 per gallon. Safeguard supports helicopter bucketing and air tankers for initial wildfire attack. "They can deliver water faster initially," Kelly points out. "But, there is no reason for helicopters or planes to do drops during a sustained attack -- that's when the water curtains need to be put in place.

A BC company has developed an innovative way of mechanically stopping wildfires

Kelly says his company is at the forefront of community wildfire protection and Safeguard has forged partnerships with the biggest water movers in Western Canada. , "We are committed to ensuring that towns like Pressy Lake and Loon lake are effectively protected from wildfires in years to come." Safeguard currently has 10 units available right now and they are expanding.

Jeff Kelly is encouraging competitors to jump on the bandwagon. "Currently there is only one small company out of Alberta with seven sprinklers and a few pumps," Kelly explained. He went on to say that Safeguard has put together a check-list for anyone wanting to get into the business, and has even offered to train other company's fire fighters free of charge. "I deliberately chose not to patent the system, so that it is easily available and will help more communities be saved."

More water always equals less fire.

Jeff Kelly

Mass Water Sprinkler Curtain
Wet fuel doesn't burn.

Jeff Kelly

Kelly feels BC will not stop these fires by clearing forests alone. "Grass regrows fast and such areas fill up with needles, twigs and other fine fuels, very quickly," reiterating that a fire must be sufficiently wet down to stop a wildfire. "The NDP Government has allocated only $150 million over the next three years for wildfire resiliency programs; mass water sprinkler curtain deployment programs can be achieved within this budget."

After 12 months of encouraging provincial decision-makers of their innovative solutions, Safeguard has been told by BC Wildfire Services that a Mass Water Specialist has recently been hired to help roll-out our unique mass water delivery systems. ."

Cariboo News and Events

Until now North America has not had a way of mechanically stopping a wildfire. In 2017 Safeguard, a BC emergency response company of 25+ years, developed an innovative solution, which they were given the opportunity to demonstrate last summer, on the Elephant Hill Wildfire outside of Kamloops.

"We know Mother Nature has done a fine job
 of stopping fires," remarks Jeff Kelly, with Safeguard
Advanced Training and Consulting Services Ltd. "And,
our Mass Water Sprinkler Curtain mimics mother nature."

"Twenty millimetres of rain-equivalent water equally
dispersed in front of a fire, in multiple rows, will change
the temperature, fuel moisture, humidity and most
importantly -- stop a wildfire," claims Kelly. "Wet fuel
will not burn." One pumping unit of 16 sprinkler units
can do three things; fill tanks nearer to the fire front to
support helicopter bucketing operations, operate
fighting/suppression sprinklers, or pump water to
196 forest fire fighter hoses.

Safeguard is only one-third of the equation. The MWSC will stop a wall of fire, but not the embers that could potentially travel over this water curtain. Communities need to understand their involvement:

#1) In the spring and early summer fire smart your home and your community. This includes planning for small sprinkler use and small scale structure firefighting equipment and the placement of both. Having people trained for what to do in the case of a wildfire is key.

#2) Your community wildfire preparedness, response and recovery program must be in place, and should have tested the plan and everyone in the community should be familiar with it (Annual Table Top practice sessions) so trained personnel can carry out pre-determined tasks, instead of reacting to an emergency.

#3) Deploy Mass Water Sprinkler Curtain (MWSC) only when a town is threatened.

600 HP, high-head Pioneer pumps with 12 inch, main line hose.  At full deployment (all systems running at full capacity) these sprinklers move more than 6.9 million gallons in a 24 hour period.

The pumps run 24/7 safely, as they are controlled from tablets.

Safeguard's group of companies have upgraded to bigger pumps:

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